Ecological Economics for the Anthropocene: An Emerging Paradigm

Ecological Economics for the Anthropocene provides an urgently needed alternative to the long-dominant neoclassical economic paradigm of the free market, which has focused myopically–even fatally–on the boundless production and consumption of goods and services without heed to environmental consequences.

Peter G.Brown is Professor of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University in Canada (cross-appointed to McGill School of Environment and Geography Department). His teaching, research, and service are concerned with ethics, governance, and the protection of the environment. His career has concentrated on the practical uses of philosophy to think critically about the goals of society.  Since the 1980s this work has centered on the deterioration of Earth’s life support capacity and the thought systems that facilitate and legitimate this decline.  Professor Brown is currently the Principal Investigator of Economics for the Anthropocene: Re-grounding the human/Earth relationship (E4A), a partnership between McGill, the University of Vermont, and York University in Toronto.

Professor Brown will be a speaker at the Big History Anthropocene conference at Macquarie University, 9-11 December, 2015.


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