Some thoughts on transdisciplinary inquiry

Transdisciplinary inquiry attempts to address some of the key problems that Bateson has brought to our attention. I will focus on five areas that I believe are central, and distinguish transdisciplinary inquiry from inter-disciplinary and disciplinary approaches. In summary, I will argue that transdisciplinary is:

  • inquiry-driven rather than exclusively discipline-driven
  • meta-paradigmatic rather than exclusively intra-paradigmatic
  • informed by a kind of thinking that is creative, contextualizing, and connective (Morin’s “complex thought”)
  • the inquirer’s subjectivity is an inextricable part of the inquiry’s context
  • inquiry as a creative process that combines rigor and imagination


Follow this link to read Alfonso Montuori’s chapter from Cybernetics And Human Knowing. Vol. 12, nos. 1-2

Gregory Bateson and the Promise of Transdisciplinarity


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