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The arrival of the Anthropocene — human dominance of the biological, chemical and geological processes of Earth — is already an undeniable reality. We humans have become the dominant force for change on planet Earth.

PTMEgraphic16-500To avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of this huge shift, we must transform the collective ways we perceive ourselves and our role within the Earth’s community of life. We must transform our shared human culture.

This blog explores the processes of cultural transformation that an epoch of global upheaval and radical uncertainty will demand. The links below will take you to short introductions to the blog’s central themes.

You can participate by commenting on the posts that appear here. Or you can contribute as a guest blogger. Please use the contact page of the Age of Transition website to outline the scope of your proposed contribution.

The website also provides an open forum where you can dialogue with other participants.

  • What is the Anthropocene?

    The Anthropocene is the name scientists now give to this new geological era in which a single species has come to dominate the biological, chemical and geological processes on Earth.  MORE…

  • The Great Turning : Eco-mutuality

    At the start of the 21st century we are on the threshold of an epoch-making transition.   MORE…

  • Domains of Cultural Transformation

    This four part model is offered as a tool to facilitate dialogue about the kinds of actions needed to transform of our globalised culture.   MORE…

  • Stories of Personal Transition

    This stream of the blog invites readers to share their own stories of personal transition and to reflect on the relationship between their experiences and learnings and the bigger processes of cultural change within which they are embedded.   MORE…

  • Latest Posts…

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