Domains of Cultural Transformation

This four part model is offered as a tool to facilitate dialogue about the kinds of actions needed to transform of our globalised culture.


Four domains of transformation

Psyche / Being

The domain of our shared experience of connection to the Earth – or Earth consciousness – and of deep cultural memory.

What social practices must we create to cultivate, share, and celebrate Earth consciousness?

How can we stimulate critical reflection in key cultural institutions that might lead to a reframing of our core values?

Mythos / Meaning

The domain of the stories that give meaning to our lives, of the creative arts, of new cultural syntheses, and of new forms of creative collaboration.

What are the new stories of eco-mutuality and how do we make them compelling in a context of unending distraction and confusion?

Episteme / Knowing

The domain of inquiry and learning, of holistic science, complexity thinking, catagenesis, and adaptive social learning.

How can we propagate a wider understanding of the dynamics of change in complex systems and embed new forms of social learning in our everyday social practice?

Techne / Doing

The domain of closed-loop economics, holistic technologies, eco-social resilience, and deep democracy — of technical, social and institutional innovation.

What new economic, technological, social, and political models are emerging consistent with the life support systems of the Earth?

How can we enhance our collective capabilities to deal creatively with complexity and upheaval, rather than retreating into denial and reaction?

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